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mGear in Maya 2025

Has anyone installed mGear on Maya 2025 yet? Did you have any issues?

So brave…! Maybe in 2027 I’ll consider it. :slight_smile:


mGear is not yet updated for Maya 2025. and it will take a little while
The biggest change in Maya 2025 is the new Pyside6 and we rely on the qt.py library, which was updated just 2 days ago :sweat_smile: :


Pymel hasn’t officially been committed yet for 2025, but a user has already created a pull request and has it working on 2025. So that should be good on that side. Hopefully the update to qt.py isn’t too troublesome.

I’m assuming this will be made official eventually. No need to rush to 2025, the majority of my tools and plugins are no where near ready. I literally just now switched to Maya 2024 since it took this long for every other tool I use to comfortably update along with it. I’m always at least two to three versions behind since it’s annoying to update the pipeline unless there is a VERY good reason to switch. I’m assuming mGear will work just fine on 2025 once everything else around it updates and catches up.

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btw: we are also moving away from pymel with our own wrapper calle PyMaya.
The goal is to have the same interface as pymel, so everything should work just replacing the import
import pymel.core as pm to import mgear.pymaya as pm

Here is the branch if you want to test it :slight_smile: GitHub - mgear-dev/mgear4 at pymaya


Oh wow, I had no idea! That’s very handy you were able to make a wrapper for it. I’ll have to check that out when I have some time :smiley: