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mGear Man free Character

I do the bin skin on the duplicated bones to get different versions. Right.?
Is there any other reason why i dont use the orignial rig?

Yes this is normal behaviour for Maya.

@oglu forgot to mention that I do indeed duplicate the fingers tip joints and extend them so that they have some weights on the biding process.

This controls are something I like to add to deform the hands in some poses. For example if grab something a little bend can give an extra feeling of contact and pressure. Obviously real hand don’t have this articulation and not always wanted. The biped template is the minimal, a base to start :wink:

It depends :slight_smile:

@chrislesage posted somewhere in this forum a little script to add temporal tips to the joint chains. Also check Heat map for hands. Sometimes is a nice starting point. :slight_smile:

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I created the Proxy Mesh for weight painting.

If im right it does not make much sense to reduce also the head?
Is there more geo needed for the fingers?

What do you think does he need some kind of Katana?


I like the idea to have props to show/hide depending of the configuration. That will help with a lot for animation acting and action exercises :slight_smile:

some extra ideas (not only weapons):

  • 2 katanas. (One in each hand, maybe this can apply to all props)
  • lance
  • spoon
  • fork
  • knife
  • cigarette
  • glass of wine
  • phone
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Miquel those are great ideas. If i find time i will do a whole scene for him.

I did a first pass on the weights.
Im not sure about the neck and clavical area. He is so massive its tricky.

And im not sure about the ellbow position.

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Next version available!

He is warming up.



Beta 8 is now ready.


Beta 0.8.5 is now ready.
I have included the Geometry into the Rig file.

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Eyebrows are now added and some weights fixed on the legs.

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Next update will be the cheeks. Stay tuned!

Im setting up the PSD now. And get some strange artefacts in some poses.
For now i have six poses. I started with five poses sculpted them and added one afterwards.

Id like to add some more. How much is to much?

RC1 is ready.

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Here the Artstation link.

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First anim Assets more to come.

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For everyone who tried the rig please give feedback. I have no issue with hard critic. Without i cant get better.


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