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mGear Man free Character


I decided to make my new Char free for all mGear users.
I will upload a first non rigged beta Version this week if everything is running as expected.
To get some feedback on the topo.

And after that i will start to rig him.
Feel free to ask anything.



Here a first version.
Please take a look at the topo.

If something is totaly off i will fix it.


Looks like topo is fine.
I hope to upload a textured version next week.

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Please vote for the color combo.

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The Black version it is.
I have to clean it up a bit and layer together a Shader for the Maya Viewport.

Thanks for voting.!

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Thanks to the excellent feedback from @Jerome the Char is now on the next level one step closer to final. Now with textures and a more rig friendly topo.


Looks awesome @oglu! Also noted that the mouth is now straight, That is good for rigging :slight_smile:

One idea, not sure if is possible now. Regarding the colors. Maybe instead of make it fix pattern is possible to use a mask and shader setup to allow the user to pick the colors? That can be cool for animator who wants to use 2 copies of the character for practice :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same idea with the colors pickable in the shader. Its in progress. :smiley:

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A layered shader does not work in the viewport so i used a color correction node to get it working.


Im working now on the guide placement. And im not sure where to place the guides on the neck and the clavicles. The center of the mass is not the center of the rotation right?

For cartoon characters, I like to place the guides more in the center of the geometry, than the real bone placement.
For example your neck position is realistic. But, placing the joints in the center will create better deformation when twisting, same for all limbs and body :wink:

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Hello @oglu

Do you think you can send me the guides export with the latest model so that I can take a look?
@Miquel is correct on the guides placement. When twisting this might go wrong. That been said there is a lot that can go wrong on this character if you don’t experiment different positions. What I usually do is generate an automatic skinning that will allow me to test several joints positions in a row that I think might work. This allows me to better control the deformation work later on. In this character is tricky because if has a lot of volumes and a pretty defined silhouette so placing the guides requires some hit and miss.

For the automatic skinning thingy what I do is the following.

  1. Build your guides rig
  2. Duplicate the full skeleton joints that mgear’s creates
  3. Bind the geometry to those dup. joints but with 1 INF MAX per vertex (to make a rigid skin) and a Dropoff rate of 100. The idea is to make the binding rigid and closest to the bone.
  4. At this stage I might go and rigidly paint/fix some of the influences but again this is rigid skinning
  5. Add a delta mush and a tension deformer (without squash) on top of the skin
  6. (optional when it comes to testing joints positions). On a duplicate of the mesh I bake the other meshes deformations using Maya’s Bake Deformations to Skin.

At this point you end up with a pretty much badly weighted asset but good enough for you to see how the mesh reacts to your joints positions. If you did step 6 you can even copy back that skinning to the actual mGear’s skeletton so that you can test the rig (I usually just move joints around).

Anyway, all this just to say that placing the guides and spending actual time on this step is going to save you more time down the road and will help you predict what type of extra deformation work you will need to do!


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Hi its me again.
Is there a reason why those middle hand guides are missing in the piped?
Are they important? Miquel is creating them in the “Data Centric Rigging 003: Guides Placement 02” youtube video.

Thanks for the info @Jerome !
I will do an upload on Gumroad for the Guides now.

Im trying to get my Char skin binded and im wondering why does the finger tips wont get any weight.
Is this normal?

I do the bin skin on the duplicated bones to get different versions. Right.?
Is there any other reason why i dont use the orignial rig?

Yes this is normal behaviour for Maya.

@oglu forgot to mention that I do indeed duplicate the fingers tip joints and extend them so that they have some weights on the biding process.

This controls are something I like to add to deform the hands in some poses. For example if grab something a little bend can give an extra feeling of contact and pressure. Obviously real hand don’t have this articulation and not always wanted. The biped template is the minimal, a base to start :wink:

It depends :slight_smile:

@chrislesage posted somewhere in this forum a little script to add temporal tips to the joint chains. Also check Heat map for hands. Sometimes is a nice starting point. :slight_smile:

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