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Mgear maya 2019 mac support release date?


I tried to use a free spider-verse rig using the mgear rigging tool. since i’m a mac user, i found the most recent (3.2.0) version only supports until 2018 for mac that is. I would love to use this spider-verse rig but can’t as of now. Does anyone using a mac find the same issues or does anyone know when it will be available for mac users on maya 2019?

ps. i tried to install mgear, but the controllers on the spider verse rig do not follow the model.


Hi @liamoohay
Sadly I don’t have a Mac to compile the solvers, but maybe other user in the forum can share it, if they have it.

@chrislesage By any chance, do you have the solvers for Maya 2019 OSX ?


Hey @Miquel, I have a Mac, and I have XCode. I’ve never compiled anything for Maya. I looked in the source code download for mGear, but all the plugin folders were empty, and that’s where I gave up. I do know the code is in the Github repo. But I’m not sure if there are any already preconfigured make files I should use. I know from the Maya docs that there are 2 basic ways to compile (XCode and makefiles) but I don’t know which to choose, or if it matters.

<-- super beginner with compiling.

Do you have any instructions? I can compile them this week, if someone can guide me.


Hi @chrislesage

we have the instruction using scons here:

But let me check with other users. I think someone must have it ready. If I get it I will include it with the next release.


EDIT: Lior was testing with Maya 2019 OSX and posted the solvers here:

But please read all the issue comments. There is some issues. Maybe already solved with the latest Maya 2019.2
If you have the chance to test it please let us know if the issue still there . Thanks!

EDIT: I did a copy of the solvers in my dropbox, just in case:


thanks! :slight_smile: love u guys!

Installing mgear_2.6.1 on Mac with Maya 2019

Sorry to jump in here, but is Maya 2019 PC supported? Seems like it’s just Mac that didn’t had the solvers compiled for 2019?


@Jose_Antonio_Martin I haven’t tested 2019, but there seem to be Windows 2019 plug-ins in the 3.2.0 release.


Just checked, thanks!