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mGear+MetaHuman "Unbuild"?

Started testing with MetaHuman Z-Up template in 4.0.3 So far so good. One thing I’m thinking is whether there is a way to “Unbuild” in order to further adjust the guides?

I add MetaHuman Z-Up template. Run Epic MetaHuman Snap. then select guide group and Build from Selection. Everything works. But if I need to adjust the guides after, the core drv joints are all set to non-keyable after and no longer binds to new rig builds. in order to adjust my guides I have to revert to a scene that never had a MetaHuman rig built and start with a fresh new template.

is this how it’s supposed to work?

good point! I will check on that. Logged here https://github.com/mgear-dev/mgear4/issues/52. Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

same interest! is this been solved in newer releases?

Hi @dang101

So, I don’t know. But if that “detach” command doesn’t exist yet, as a workaround for now, could you just use a PRE Python script to set all the joints as keyable, as a pre-process step before building?

I haven’t used the MetaHuman workflow described. But I do occasionally have a custom rig I need to integrate with Shifter. And I sometimes need a pre-process step to delete any leftover skinClusters, since when I delete the built rig, some data remains from the joints I don’t delete.

  • delete unwanted skinClusters
  • make all joints keyable
  • etc.