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Mgear rendering with motionblur



i am running in some strange motionblur rendering where skinned objects are interpenetrating each other (i.e. hands with arms, eyes and teeth with the face, etc).
i am using mgear v2.5.24, maya2018.5 and redshift.
without moblur everythings fine.
when turning moblur on redshift is computing subframes depending on the moblur settings and i get a lot of cycles warnings on every component of the rig. so i assume there is an evaluation problem in the solvers or on the constraints when the renderer is trying to compute the deformation and transforms on the subframes…
(redshift recommends to be in DG animation mode for rendering…)
does anybody also runs in such motionblur rendering problems with mgear where skinned objects are interprenetrating?
any hints are welcome.


Use an Alembic cache.
Noone is rendering with live rigs.


i think i found the problem. some parts of the character are skinned with “classic linear” others are with “dual quartinion”…in viewport and playblast this mix is not visible, but it seems to count when it comes to subframe evaluation for moblur.

concerning alembic workflow and maya in real production is a pain in the ass…especially when production timelines are tight…


I have to agree with Oglu, alembic in real production is the best way to go in my experience. In tech anim we used alembic despite access to USD workflow simply because its so easy and fast and kills off all the unknowns and variables that otherwise can cause grief after animation… Besides our lighting department and fx departments would literally kill us if we ever tried passing off live rigs to them for managing :smile: