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Mgear to Rumba export

@Jerome Can you walk through me the process of gettting an mgear rig in maya to export properly in Rumba?
I tried to follow the instruction in the docs to no avail.

Hello @Ross_Daniel
Well you need to have Rumba’s mtorba Maya plugin installed so that you can export the rigs into Rumba.
If you do you can run this on your rig scene in maya to send the current scene to Rumba

from mtorba.cmds import view

Normally this should work. Where are you having issues?
You can as well export the rig to rumba with

from mtorba.cmds import export

For that you need to have a licensed version of Rumba as the trial one only let you use the rigs that comes with Rumba.

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The rig exports but the mesh is completely flattened in Rumba.

I have the free non-commercial license.

Seems like you might not have a version that has the Maya Rumba mgear export things. Can you send me your rig over on a PM?

Check this! :wink:

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I used the dirk rig posted here by Emilio.

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Haaa that information helps further.
In order to correctly export everything needs to be under a single node. So basically parent the Dirk_Meshes under the rig node.