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mGear versions, compatibility and stability?

Hi all. Is there a preferred stable version of mGear to use currently? Are there compatibility issues between say for instance an mGear 3.4 rigged character and the animator using 3.6?

For the most part mgear seems backwards compatible. I’ve been able to move up and down different versions of 3.0, especially if the rig is already built.

I’d suggest sticking with the latest version. Most of mGear is very stable and new releases primarily add new features, existing stuff doesn’t tend to break.


We try to keep always backwards compatibility or at less a way to update your guides. If we lose the backward compatibility will be in a major version. For example from 3.x to 4.x

Regarding stability. from my experience it depend of the Maya version more than anything else. And the build rigs are compatible with previous and future versions.