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mGear's eye autorig questions

Hi everybody, I have 2 questions:

  1. Does mGear’s eye autorig work on a model that has closed lids?
  2. Once built, does mGear’s eye autorig work on machines that don’t have mGear installed?

Alessandro Melis_

  1. Yes it will work. But the blink is designed to close by meeting in the middle. It will rig without errors, but then you will have to set up your own “anti-blink”. When you move the eye movers on the face, you can open up the closed eyes:


(Depending on your mesh, there is still a chance it will rig backwards, by seeing the upper edge loop as the lower, and vice versa. You just have to test yourself.)

  1. No. The eye rig also uses mGear’s mgear_mulMatrix and mgear_curveCns nodes, which requires mGear to be installed. It would be possible (but possibly not easy) to replace those nodes with regular matrices, parentConstraints and ribbon or motion path connections instead.