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MH template building right hand metacarpals JointOrients incorrecltly

if i export the Ue5 mannequin (same skeletal structure as the metahuman) as FBX and bring into unreal - the hands are mirrored as expected - X+ down the joint on the left and X- on the right for both the metacarpals and finger joints.

however, if i build using the metahuman Y-up template with default settings, the metacarpals on the right are point X+ down the joint. the fingers are correct, but the metacarpals are flipped. unreal doesn’t care so much about joint orients, but this causes issues when we export anims from unreal and plot them to the rig in maya (using proprietary tools, not HIIK) - the export joints get flipped when the anim is retargeted to the rig.

is there a way to force these metacarpals to align with the unreal skeleton when the rig is built?


fwiw - it looks like setting this on the right-hand metacarpal components does the trick…
2022-08-17 15_23_42


Thanks for the feedback @kobra
I have created a ticket to fix it:

@kobra The ticket has been fixed. Thanks for the feedback

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