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Micro animation curves after baking joints. Metahuman rig

Hello mGear forum!
Can you please help me?
I’m using mGear Metahuman template guide in standard metahuman scene from Bridge.
For some reason, after I baked animated joints (DHIbody:root). Maya also baked some micro translation animation curves in to some joints (I created a layer in attached scene “Problem_Joints”). The translation values in those curves changes less then 0.0001 units. Needless to say, this does not affect the animation in any way. But those micro keys are there, a lot of them, almost on every joint in my skeleton. It just takes memory and does nothing. “Delete static channels” doesn’t help. This problem appears only when I’m using mGear. Baking joints in Metahuman scene without mGear don’t have this problem. I was trying to google this issue, but didn’t find anything. Maybe I am giving the wrong requests. I’m not a native English speaker, as you might have guessed from my post.
I would be glad for any help, thanks!
Attaching scene files before and after baking joints. This is standard Metahuman files exported from Quixel Bridge, I just delete geometry to reduce file size.

Hello @zTRIALz thanks for the feedback!
I think I know from where is coming this. I will check this ASAP. it is logged here: