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Mirror Behaviour L and R breaks Game Tools


When I export a rig with mirror behaviour L and R turned on (using control_01’s) and then import and connect in a fresh scene, two rigs are built (one seems to be saved to the model file) but when I am working with a full character this distorts geo and destroys the character. I also noticed that when I duplicate symmetrically, the R side that is made then has double transforms from the root controller.

I was wondering how to add the mirror L and R functionality so that I can use the game tools to export a rig and model file that is not broken, without having to go into the model file and deleting rig information


Hi @BWal,

I did log this ticket just a few hours ago :wink: https://github.com/mgear-dev/shifter/issues/59

Will be fixed in the next release

Thanks for the feedback!


that was good timing then hah, Cheers.


@BWal the ticket is done! :wink: