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Mirror ctl curves?


Is it possible to mirror control curves?
Also, can curves be swap for new curves that is outside of mgear?


Yeah, select any existing curve (A) and then another object (B) and run the mGear menu command “Replace Shape”. The shape of A will be duplicated onto B, and B’s old shape will disappear. The shape on A will not be changed.

So you can make any shapes you want, and mirror them manually, and then use that tool to put them on your controls.

Then use the menu command “Extr. Controls” which means Extract Controls. This command will store the shape under the “controllers_org” group in your guide. The next time you build your rig, it will use those shapes that it finds under “controllers_org”, based on the names. If the name of the control is “global_C0_ctl” and you have a shape under that group called “global_C0_ctl_controlBuffer”, then it will put that shape on your control when you build. (The name has to match.)


That only seems to work with curves created by mgear. If I bring in a curve and try the replace shape function, it causies the existing to disappear rather than change.


Hmm… It should work on any shapes, including polygons or nurbs surfaces. You can test this in a new Maya scene. Just make some polys or curves, and try the tool. At least it works on my end.

BUT… sometimes if the transforms have different pivots or offsets, the resulting curve might be offset somewhere. But it should be there somewhere.

Try this:

  1. Take your new curve (A). Parent it under your mGear control (B)
  2. Freeze transforms on curve (A).
  3. Unparent (A)
  4. Run the tool again. The offset should not happen this time.


Thanks Chris, that worked! [Actually keeping it as a child after the freeze transforms and center pivot then running the replace shape.]