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Mirror/Flip not as useful as it could be


When flipping/mirroring controls the center controls do not flip/mirror.

For example if I rotate the body_C0_Ctrl in Z of 20dgr, if I flip it it should be -20 dgr in z. However when clicking on flip nothing happens.

It looks like bugs to me as the other auto riggers I’ve used did not have this behaviour, as indeed flipping flipped everything, even the controls in the center. Is that something you can add?

Also if I select all the controls and flip nothing happens. instead of at least flipping the controls that are flippable. Can you also add this feature please?

Thanks a lot for mgear, great rigging tool.


Hi @Jeremy sorry for the super late reply.

sometimes you need to configure the channels to be flipped. Each control have a series of custom attributes. You can find it in the attribute editor:

Usually I configure it with a custom step. But in the future should exposed in the component settings.

Also, Maybe, if you flip (not mirror) all controls maybe is double flipping so is same position?

I hope this helps. :slight_smile: