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Mirroring Corrective RBF Controls

Hello mGear Enthusiasts and Devs,
I’m Branden, and I’m a Tech Artist working at a Game Studio utilizing mGear as our rigging solution (awesome tool, incredibly powerful). At the moment we’re looking to improve deformations for characters, specifically around the elbow and shoulder region. An idea that we ran with is using mGear’s RBF for corrective poses, where support joints run by controls will change position/rotation to create better deformation for those areas.
It’s been working great for that purpose, except for when we try and use RBF Mirror. At the moment we’re mirroring L → R, and while the R version of the RBF is created, it’s full of 0s and gives a RBF Decomposition bug because of it. There used to be an error involving adding “_ctl” to the end of the control causing it to look for a control that doesn’t exist, but that’s been fixed. I’ve read the previous posts on the Forum about RBF Mirroring troubles, one solution was to swap the joint and control for the Driver and Controller and that led to not much success in our case.

Here’s what the Elbow setup looks like on the Rig:

Here’s what the L_Elbow setup looks like in the RBF Manager 2, a simple 2 pose, one neutral and one when the Elbow is set:

Lastly, here’s what the RBF Mirror creates for the R_Elbow, all the right controls are there just none of the values:

Any support would be greatly appreciated in this, as having the ability to refine the corrective RBF and simply mirror it over would be a great productivity boost.