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Mirroring RBF setup for supporting gimmick joints

Is there a way to mirror RBF setup for gimmick support joints?
It appears to be very convenient way to create corrective joints shapes using not controls but support joints in mgear framework.
The only thing is missing is a possibility to mirror RBF setups for those joints. While controls have extra attributes to mirror:

The gimmick joints though do not have this option.
Any suggestions?

To add these mirroring attrs

from mgear.core import attribute

Maybe this should be included in the control creation code


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I wasn’t able to apply this as I’m getting an error:

Error: AttributeError: file C:\Users\username\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\core\attribute.py line 53: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘hasAttr’

also i’m trying to add this attribute to a bone not to a control so maybe this is the issue?

That error means you are passing a string when the code wants a Pymel PyNode object. To convert from the string, use pm.PyNode(gimmick_ctl) instead of gimmick_ctl.

I think the mirroring attrs will work on bones.


this works as expected.
Unfortunately the RBF manager doesn’t mirror the bones the same way it does the controls.
It seems like mirroring RBF setup based on gimmick joints doesn’t care about the mirroring attributes.
But this is entire different problem :slight_smile: