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Missing last joint on finger?

Just built an mgear rig. All working great except I seem to be missing the last joint of the finger?
I know I could just skin the end of the finger to that end joint but thats different to how I previously built rigs (where I would have that extra joint there)
Is this normal for mgear rigs?

Yep, it’s normal. If you really want the end joint, you could duplicate your own custom component and modify it to include it.

There is mostly no reason to have the end joint, except for the annoying fact that if you use something like heat weights in the Maya skinning, Maya will just skip the end joints and put no influence on them! So I usually end up putting some temporary fake tip joints, if I want to use heat weights or voxel skinning.

(Except I put my temp tip joints very far away from the fingers, so no weights get assigned to them. Then delete them once I have my weights.)



Ahhh okay that does make sense. It would be nice if Maya just assigned influence to that end joint! Thanks for the reply. And thanks for the awesome mGear! :slight_smile: