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Misssing mGear menu

hello guys
I installed mGear 3.6 coping the files inside the zip under release in the modules folder of maya 2019
mgear seems installed but the menu doesn’t appear

I tried to call the menu via
import mgear
and it create the top menu without the submenus

why didn’t mGear create the menu at the startup? I’m missing something?

thanks in advance

EDIT: sorry I was thinking is the right click menu

do you have any error in the script editor log?

thanks for the reply
the main menu doesn’t appear

there are no errors

Do previous versions of mGear work?
Do you have any other versions of Maya installed that you can test?
Do you have any other plugins installed that might be interfering with the menu?
Can you test with clean preferences?

I just tested by putting “platforms, scripts and mGear.mod” under the modules folder of my Maya 2018 prefs in MacOS, and it works. I get the full menu. I don’t have 2019 installed to test.

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I cleaned the preferences

sorry. I forgot to try this way

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