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Mocap (HIK) to mGear rig retargetting issue

Hello everyone.
I’ve been learning how to use mGear for the past few months and recently with the new update. I’ve encountered an issue with the mocap retargetting.

I’m not sure if this is the new 4.0.3 update or what, but I remember testing the retargetting before the unpdate of the mGear and it used to work just fine. But recently I have been getting an issue where after applying the mocap animation would turn out flipping the arms in the opposite direction. I noticed that if I unock and set arm_L0_fk0_npo rotation channels to 0 this issue would resolve to some extent. But this would break the rig.

The same issue happens with the standard biped template rig.

Also, I’ve been testing this with two different mocap data files and both give same result.

Has somebody already experienced this issue? Is this the 4.0 problem or it is me who is doing something wrong here?

I wonder if it is related to your default bind pose position. Can you share the guide to check it?

Yeah, default bind pose is an A pose. But if I put it into a T pose the retarget is fine.

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