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Mocap workflow - namespace issues

-Using mGear 3.5.1 on Maya 2020

Hello everyone, I am currently trying to figure out the best workflow for mocap at work. I’d like to pursue the mGear mocap tools route, since it’s quick, convenient, and I’m not a super experienced coder.

The main issue is that “characterize biped” does not work because I’m referencing in the rig with a namespace. I can get HumanIK to work if I reference the rig without a namespace, but that could cause me some problems if I ever need to set up a scene with two rigs – I was wondering if anyone has a quick workaround to this issue, or any recommendations for a better workflow.


Hi David, I avoid this by using the StudioLibrary plugin. For any character that will use mocap, I first create a separate scene with no namespaceing and run the characterize function. (This setup can then be reused.) To process a new clip, I import the animation to HumanIK, bake it to the rig, clean it up in the prep scene and then use StudioLibrary to export the animation. In my final working scene, StudioLibrary can load the animation onto the referenced rig and take care of any namespacing.


Thanks for the advice Aerys! I’ll definitely have to check out StudioLibrary. It sounds like, regardless of how I tackle this problem, the main thing I need to do is process one mocap anim at a time before putting multiple anims in one scene.