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Monkey Island; Guybrush - mGear Maya Rig

Hi again!! It is time for another free rig!!
This time, Guybrush from Monkey island.
A friend of mine, Abel Oroz modeled and couldn’t resist begging him to allow me rigging it up.
He is such a stunning concept and 3D artist:

Special thanks to @Miquel for helping me with an eyelid issue.



Woooh! This is awesome! :smiley:

BTW: looks like the Gumroad preview is not working in your post. I have tried to edit. But still not showing up.
I Add it here again :slight_smile: GUMROAD LINK

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Hey @Milio that is a great looking rig with an awesome intro video. Thank you for sharing it!

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Keep em coming. I’m learning a lot from your rigs!

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