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Monster Strike Anime Season 3


Finally it is official :smile:
This is the project I have been working at Studio Anima for the last year. Really proud of all the team and been part of this!

This is the first time ever I have worked in a CG Anime style project. When I started the project, I was thinking that CG Anime will be easier than classic CG project.
But I couldn’t be more mistaken. It is not easier, just different. With lots of challenges and complete different set of rules when it comes to animation. And to be honest I really like/enjoy the new challenges.
Hopefully we will implement many new ideas to mGear soon :slight_smile:

Thanks Studio Anima for this fantastic opportunity!

I hope you like it!


Hahaaa That’s very Japanese style, nice thing I like about it is how it is 3d but has this same style/taste of 2d Asian cartoon :smile: , specially the dynamic simulations for clothes/hair & the visual effects possibly took the most of your work time?
Btw, did you use mGear in this anime series? Or other tools were used in some stages of the project?


This is so incredibly dope! Loved the style.Any possible insight on the rendering and shading of it? It would be great.


Congratulations Miquel!