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Motion blur differences when caching to .ass and render vs Renering in Maya with motion blur on


We’re seeing differences when we render via:

  1. Cache in Maya to .ass renderablable scene, then command line render kick with shutter 0.2
  2. Render in Maya Sesssion: arnold with render globals : shutter 0.2
  3. Playblasts in Maya VP2.0 with shutter 0.2

We can make them match, but we need to ‘bake out’ the mgear animation first.
Is there a way that we don’t require the baking out step?


Hi @markusng
Not sure if that is 100% mGear related. I know have passed a few months since your question. Can you provide a little more information. Is this happening with some parts of the rig or all the rig?
Are you in parallel or DG?