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Mr. Peanut Spec Spot


I decided to do a little spec spot in the interest of learning mGear. I had used mGear on Softimage years ago. This was my first stab at it in Maya. I did everything on this except modeling.

Blown away how this worked out for a first attempt. I had a first rig out in a day and then continued to add stuff as I needed it. The last being mouth controls.

Thanks, Miguel for the great framework! Using it on a real project now.


Thta’s cute :slightly_smiling_face: … you say that you had first rig then you later added stuff as needed: did you keep the (Guides) of the first rig & each time you add new components & rebuild ? or you built the first rig then you later built each stuff you add & attach it manually to the already built rig?


A little bit of both. I went back and adjusted things in the original guide, stored out weights and reapplied them where necessary. I eventually abandoned the guide and started adding stuff directly to the rig. Mouth controls, eye brows and extra what I call “buffer joints” where the geo needed help.

Worked seamlessly…a little trial and error with the mouth rig but really quite intuitive.


@Chris Really nice! Thanks for sharing it! :smiley: