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Multi-driver support for the RBF manager


It would be really nice to have the option for more than one driver/control node in the UI. There are a few cases where I would like to do this and be able to recall the poses for a complex driver system.

In any case, thanks for the RBF UI, its a great help!


Hi @Lucas_Brown

By design each setup have only one driver, but you can have many setups.

is that what you need?


Hey there,

I can understand the idea for multiple controls support, but multiple drivers would require a lot of redevelopment of the node. I am not sure I have ever seen a rbf type node do this. If you have any examples it would be fun to see, probably something Hans Goddard cooked up. haha.

Let us know if we are understanding correctly.


Maybe I’m making it too complex, but what I’m thinking is this…
I think its actually that I’m trying to use the UI in an unintended way. Around the mouth I would like to drive multiple blend shapes with maybe the corner mouth joint. The hacky way I’m testing is to drive dummy attributes on a proxy control and then feed those dummy attrs to the blendShape weights. I’m essentially trying to sweeten the lips rigger results with correctives.



I’ve been able to do this with the shapes rbf solver. It takes n-inputs and drives n-outputs. I’ve gotten it working with 32 inputs as and a few bs outputs.

The U.I. I mocked up was a mess, but I’ll send you the code. The problem is that the possibility space climbs exponentially and a layered approach is what I’m thinking of now.


Does shapes allow serialization of the rbf node and poses? I need to be able to rebuild from script, that’s why I’ve been using mGear’s tools since it saves me the work of writing the serialization.



Yes SHAPES, have a several option to export and import setups. I used it in this video: