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Multiple skinCluster export within Skin Exports


With the ability for multiple skinClusters within Maya 2024, I was wondering if there is/will be functionality for many different skinCluster nodes’ data to be exported and brought back in with the same hierarchy of inputs onto another rig.

I can code, so if it’s a matter of me making my own automated version I’m definitely down to do that and release it to the wider community. Just wanted to know before I make any moves.

My use case (extra, not necessary to read):
I have my biped rig, but I also have a separate spine_ik_01 rig, which I’ve been using as a 2nd skin in order to do full body squash and stretch, then I’m UV pinning the biped controls to follow the geometry. However I need to make adjustments to the guides so I’d like to export skin pack of all the skinClusters on the body geo.

Thanks, you guys!!

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I haven’t tried the multiple skinClusters since the first version when they were still buggy. Are you saying you have one skinCluster on the body that the spine controls follow, and then the full skinCluster for the body skin? So the uvPin node can follow a specified skinCluster in the history stack? That’s kind of cool.

Personally, I just use a secondary piece of geometry to pin those kinds of things to. A cylinder or a nurbs plane. And then it’s even more simple if the geometry ever needs to go to a model change, and the secondary geometry doesn’t have to change at all.

I can’t speak for Miquel’s plans, but if you are willing/able to make a tool to support that, I’m sure the community would appreciate it. Contributions are welcome!

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Hi, there friends! (@Jerome), Noel Rodriguez here.
I, too, think it’ll become handy to have means of importing/exporting weights of objects with multi-skinClusters, now that the option is here since version 2024. I think rigging with skin layers is here to stay. I have tried and it’s pretty cool.
Like @lucasSantos here, I may need to create my own means of importing/exporting multi-layered skins. Only it may take me a while. Probably I won’t be able to devote myself to this in the near future.

This option is not supported yet. But I need to implemented in the near future
I have created a ticket:


Hi Chris!

I love your blog. Quick side note – if you ever have the time, I’d love to get an example file of that awesome sin/cos eye rig setup you have. I tried recreating it but it doesn’t seem quite like yours. . .

I have a working version of the skinCluster IO that is compatible with multiple skinClusters. I have the getSkinCluster function return a list of skinClusters rather than one. Then I added some for loops to account for multiple skinClusters and new organization to how the JSON data is parsed.

I’m not too sure what’s next. Would you guys like to review what I wrote and see if it’s something you’d like to add?