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Naming issue in 4.1.0

So much stuff indeed! Awesome work!

I’m updating guides to the new version and I’m having a small issue with control_01 control naming.
I’m using the following naming rule: (component)(description)_ (side)(index)_ (extension)
However, after building the rig I’m getting “controlC0_ctl” instead of “control_C0_ctl”.

Is this just me or does it happen to everyone else?

I moved your post out of the announcement thread. Please ask for help in separate threads. :slight_smile:

Did you add the spaces to your underscores to try to stop the forum from auto-formatting?

Can you please show your actual naming conventions. Put it inside backticks like this:

`(component)(description)_ (side)(index)_ (extension)`

And maybe show a screenshot of your other settings too. Like what you have in your description field. Maybe there is a small typo. Or maybe there is a new bug. But please show what you specifically did, so it can be reproduced and tested.

Hey, sorry about that, I’ll keep it in mind in the future.
I did add the spaces to prevent the auto-formatting.

I was able to reproduce this on a clean scene. I’m using Maya 2024.

  1. Add a control_01
  2. In guide settings set Controls Naming Rule to {component}{description}_{side}{index}_{extension}
    (I also set Letter Case to Capitalization at first but the same thing happens when using Default)
  3. Build the guide, then the control_01 name will be controlC0_ctl

Is it only Control_01?

I don’t see any code changes in shifter.naming (yet).

It seems like the {description} is getting completely filtered out.

In control_01/__init__.py around line 37, there is some new code regarding custom names. Maybe there is a bug in there.

            ctl_name = ast.literal_eval(

control_01, ui_slider_01, sdk_control_01, EPIC_control_01, EPIC_layered_control_01 all seem to be sharing the same issue. I didn’t test 100% of the controls today, just the ones I was most suspicious of. Other components such as ui_container_01 or arms, legs, squash, etc. didn’t seem to have it.

I thought it could be related to the changes related to the new Ctl Description Name field, but some of the controls that had the issue when I tested it don’t have that field, so I’m not so sure anymore.

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I think I have introduced a bug. I will check this and do a hotfix release ASAP

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