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Neck broken with the spine Ik Controller

Hello guys,

I got a little problem that I don’t know how to solve. When I use the IK controller of the spine, it seems that the neck break. Here’s the thing:

You might say that’s a problem of skinning, but when I use the FK controller, there’s no such thing.

Is there anyone who knows why it reacts like that ?

Hello @Gylour
Can you share your guides file so that I can take a look?


Thanks Jerome,

Here’s a link to my maya scene:

There’s the guide template hidden.

Hello @Gylour

I checked your guides/rig file and I think the problems comes from the fact that probably you are not giving any weights to the spine end joint spine_C0_4_jnt. When using the spine_C0_ik1_ctl (top spine ik thingy) the orientation of the joints is coming from the mgear_curve deformer and the tangent on the points is calculated based on that. This is at least what happens with the spine component you are using. Check the following image it might help understanding what I am pointing out.
Let me know if this helps you.