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Need help with import skinPack custom script



Disclaimer: I don’t code. Can’t read it either. :roll_eyes:

I’m trying to add a post script to import the skin pack.
I followed how Miguel is doing it on the YouTube workshop, except that I didn’t define environment and am working from a local path. That’s not the issue.

This is the error I’m getting:

// EXEC: Executing custom step: D:/PROJECTS/My_Baby/My_Baby_Maya/scripts/post/
// Error: An exception of type ImportError occured. //
// Error: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\tsahi\Documents\maya\mgear_3.1.1\scripts\mgear\shifter\”, line 1155, in runStep
customStep = imp.load_source(fileName, runPath)
File “D:/PROJECTS/My_Baby/My_Baby_Maya/scripts/post/”, line 3, in
from mgear.maya import skin
ImportError: No module named maya

So it seems it doesn’t recognize a module named maya?!
Can anyone help with this?

This is the script itself:
my clumsy import skin pack post script

Thank you and bless you with unbreakable rigs forever.


Hi @Tsahi,

In mGear 3, some of the Python modules changed a little bit.

The import line at the top should be mgear.core not mgear.maya

from mgear.core import skin


Thank you! Worked like a charm.

Can I squeeze in another question?

I just watched the Rigging Buddies podcast about the mGear 3.2.
Can I update from 3.1.1 with some work already done on my characters, without breaking things up?
I would like to have the separate blinks etc… (BTW, huge thanks for that!)

I’m not sure how the update is done, do I just replace all the mGear files with the new version?

Thank you!


I’m actually still on 3.0.3, because I don’t want to upgrade half-way through a film.

It should be pretty safe. If you installed it by using a Maya.env path, then you can keep both installed, and just change the path in your Maya.env file. If it breaks, you can change back.

If you upgrade, your built rigs will not break. The built rigs only rely on mGear solvers, and they haven’t changed in the past few versions. So your animators should be safe. The only thing that might break is some of your build processes and POST scripts. But it might be fine too. A lot of the stuff should be backwards compatible.

But, the new face rig stuff is located in a new tool:
OLD: /mgear_3.2.0/scripts/mgear/rigbits/
NEW: /mgear_3.2.0/scripts/mgear/rigbits/facial_rigger/

So to run the new style eyes in a script, it might look more like rigbits.facial_rigger.eye_rigger (I haven’t tried it or tested it yet!)


Looks like it updated smoothly, might need to replace some guides here and there, for knee thickness and such.
Thanks again Chris!