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Neonverse lessons and best practices | Unite Now 2020

A friend has pointed me to this talk on youtube. :smiley:

It is a really nice talk about the making of Neon Verse.

They are using mGear and data-centric workflow in the game :wink:

if the people of Tamasenco & Pixel Reign are in the forum, just want to say: Thanks for plug and showing mGear on the talk!! :heart:


Thank you Miquel, and the whole developer team for your work and efforts!
I tried my very best to go over the virtues of mgear in a 3 minute window but Iโ€™m not so sure I delivered, so to speak.
At the very least, people watching this presentation would get a hint that something wonderfulโ€™s going on here and would want to try mgear out!
Keep making the rigging experience awesome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: