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New arm component (game oriented)

Hi, in this topic I will try to post/share my progress (if any) with this task.
My intention is to create a arm component where upperarm and forearm are the main bones and roll bones are just another layer (or maybe another component. The main issue with the current solutions is that long hierarchy chains are not very friendly with games specially with the compression is used to make animation lighter. The longer the chain the easier it start to appears inaccuracies in the end on the chain in for of jittering or worst. So in the end is safer, as far as I know, to have roll joints in separate branches.
Besides that is not unusual to have lighter skeletons for less important npc or even for lods of the same character. This sometimes means to trim wherever you can. Roll bones are “perfect” candidates for that but in the current mgear solutions that means that les say an are of 6 bones if becomes one of only 4, elbow joint for example is not the same, what is specially painful is you try to apply the same animation file of the 6 bones solution. So in resume this is another good reason to try to have roll bones in another branch.
So far I check that azri rig which use mgear is contructed the way I explain but unfortunately the component (if it wasn’t rearrenged in a postproces) of this arm if it was created wasn’t share as far as I know. So I will try to came up with my own version otherwise someone prove me wrong an already a similar component already is available.
Anyway, so far I started with one of the module already built it and Im mostly comenting part of the code to try to figure out what does, not really fancy, but so far I got some progress as soon as I have something that get closer to my idea I will post it in here. Any help/feedback will be more than appreciate it.



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Hi @david_alvarez
the components that I will be building from April are game components. That will have that functionality/design.

btw: Azri rig is using mGear? this one ? https://www.gameanim.com/product/azri-rig/ as far I know is not done with mGear :stuck_out_tongue:

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I reviewed this rig some time ago and somehow the idea that this rig was made using mgear framework settled in my mind. Sorry about the confusion.
Anyway glad to hear you will be focusing in this area. Do you have any kind of roadmap you could share. Will we have some preview of this in github or maybe in this forum?
Anyway can’t wait to see your progress.

here is the WIP project:

the new game components are not added yet. But you can see some tickets that are related to it

I will start that after finish this: