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ngSkinTools and the Eye Rig?


I’m not sure where the error lies here. I’m guessing maybe ngSkintoold but I have to ask. I have the eye Rig working just fine on both eyes. However, when I go to Delete Custom Nodes from Selection the weighting/Blink no longer works?! I’m guessing you can’t have the GEO initialized in ngSkin tools while adding joints?


Indeed you can’t. But that’s a very typical problem when using ngskintools and happens when using non-mgear skinning functions too. ngskintools sits on top of the normal maya skincluster and writes all of it’s information down into the skincluster. Any modification that is done on the skincluster node itself (paint weights, add influence, whatever) is overwritten by ngskintools as soon as it pushes the next weight update.


@Chris You need to delete the nGskin node before use the tool. If not the ngskin tool will overwrite any value change in the skin.


Thanks…figured that. Thanks for the response everyone!