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Odd Symmetry Behavior with the Brow Rigger

Hello There.

I’m getting some funny behaviour where the controllers are moving the opposite joints. If I build the brow rig without symmetry and deal with each section separately everything seems to work ok. This is happening on different geometries as well.

Also, the auto weighting process seems to stall or crash and I’m getting a warning of

Warning: Too many coincident knots. Maximum allowed is degree # as well.

Maya 2022

mGear 4.0.9

I am not using the tool lately. I will need to check.
can you try to turn off symmetry mode and do Left and Right side separately. You will lose the middle control, but last time I tried that approach was working

When I do left and right separately it works. I managed to get the centre as well . So I ran it 3 times for right, left and centre.