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Official mGear logo?

Hellooo!! I guess there’s no official mGear logo, right?

I’m releasing more mgear rigs (another one very soon!) and would be great some sort of official branding logo to use along with the rig, videos, gumroad products, etc…

Just that, a thought…


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we have logo :wink:



Not an artist myself, but I dared to get the bitmap and used it as a template to get some modeling logo.
I might get some animation on it and will use it for the video of the rigs I’m releasing!

If anyone is interested in it I’ll gladly share it!



Had a lazy Saturday and ended up making two versions, mgear and powered by… :crazy_face:


I can’t view those links.

damn! set them as accessible with a link on Vimeo… made them public. they should work now.

I see the title in the tab “poweredbymGear_logo” but then it just says " Sorry, we couldn’t find that page".

Sorry about that, link should have changed to public:


Now it works. I think that’s really cool! Is feedback welcomed? Something seems off in the pivot point of the black gear. It seems a tiny bit wobbly.

haha! of course! yeah, it is off-centre, i’ll get it right. Cheers!

It is such a tricky movement! I updated them, but still! it feels like getting a bit offset?!..the black gear is getting away from the “turquoise” one in a linear interpolation…
anyway, they are just a first idea to get some movement all rendered in maya viewport 2.0

awesome! hahaha! :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

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Somehow I feel idiotically exited about the logo :smiley:
Thanks @Milio

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@Milio can I download it and use it as an intro clip for the youtube channel?

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of course! let me prepare the files and send them. I’ll include the maya file you can modify and re-render in any resolution. Cheers!


hi! shaerd a .rar file including:

Scenes:mGear_Logo.ma file with the logo animation. Includes some quick audio tracks.
There are two versions, powered and normal. (all in layers for quick visibility options)
Motion blur seems to be rendered out only from main perps camera…

Images: png files for premiere project. powered and mgear logos.

Premiere: premiere project, sounds, fonts. (used the Source_Sans_Pro)

movies: full HD and 4K videos.

Also updated the vimeo ones for the 4K versions, including also some audio.



Very cool Milio! I like the new sounds too. Nice work!

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Glad you like it and seems like it could even be useful for mGear community!


Definitely! It could make a nice big logo for the website too.

A meta lesson to anyone reading this: An open source project benefits from more than just code.