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Offset components

I have been debating if I should post this or not. I do not know how to use git. So I can only provide a zip file. Let me know if that will work, and I can post a link, or email it.

I modified the free tangent components to add an Offset controller for the hands and feet. The ik_cns_ctl was not working for us, as the ik_ctl was a child on the ik_cns. The added offset ctl is the child of the ik_ctl. I created visibility attributes for the ik_cns_ctl, and ikoff_ctl. I had to duplicate the biped synoptic, and change the ik_ctl, to ikoff_ctl. To keep the ik/fk matching functionality. This worked well as it did not break the synoptic for our older rigs that do not have the offset ctls.

We lay out our rigs in A-Pose. Then move the guides into T-Pose when building. And then move the rig back to A-Pose once the rig is built. This allows us to apply mocap without the need to calculate any offsets. And it builds all the controllers in the correct orientation. We can always get back to T-Pose by zeroing out the ik_cns_ctl’s.

I also think I have a fix for the Roundness attribute not working when Mirror Mid Ctl and UPV axis options are on.

I added two more nodes to the components to fix this issue. It’s not a pretty fix. But it works so far.

Next I modified the footbk component. I did not like how the toe controller aimed at the toe pivot. I wanted to be able to control the orientation of the toe ctl. So I added a new toe pivot guide. This component only allows for two toe ctls. I broke the ability to add more toes. But since we are using this component for human characters, it is not an issue for us. Maybe I’ll go back and try to fix it in the future. I added connections for the new tangent_offset components. I also updated the connections in the footbk_01 for the new tangent_offset components.

Lastly, I made a UI_Host component. You can specify what type of host it is. We go through the rig, and make sure all attributes are set correctly before publishing our rigs. This makes finding the hosts, and knowing which attributes to check, much easier.

We used mGear on a few shots in our current shows. Things worked out really well. So we are expanding the use of mGear in the upcoming seasons. I cannot post any images right now. But hopefully soon!


Hello @izze Thanks for sharing these updates on the components! can you send me the zip file to check?
please use a dropbox link, google drive or wetransfer to send the file. the forum doesn’t support attached files.

Sent you a PM Miquel.

Hi Izze

The offset for hands and feet is something i would need for my project

would you share these components?

This was my last commit for mgear. Should be able to grab it from here:

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Thank you Izze!

it seems to me that the components are not building correctly with Mgear 4.0.9!?
see video please:

Or maybe i am missunderstanding something!

I’m not sure what the issue could be. I did not test past ver 4.0.7. Did you get any errors in the python interpreter when building?