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Old guides not updating



I updated to mgear 3.03 yesterday and I’m trying to update the guide. But I’m getting this error. Cant understand why.

Error: line 1: IndexError: file /home/nitesh/maya/2017/modules/scripts/mgear/shifter/guide.py line 124: list index out of range



@niteshms04 is that all the error log? is hard to tell with only that info

Can you share the guide?


I’ve sent the guide file directly to Miquel and he came up with the solution.

The controllers_org was the reason my guide was not updating. I created a new controllers_org group under the guide and removed the old one which instantly updated the guide. Also after the guide is updated if I extract all the controllers from the rig I am getting all of them back. Thanks for the solution.


Thanks for sharing @niteshms04