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Once again biped template stopped working


I’ve suddenly started getting this error in maya 2019 (apparently after uninstalling maya 2018) even after deleting the whole maya 2019 folder:

Error: IOError: file C:\Users\jodana\Downloads\ROSS\RIGS_SCRIPTS\2.SCRIPTS\mgear_3.0.4\scripts\mgear_init_.py line 152: 9

Rig looks like this:


How did you install mGear? The way I install it is by putting the entire mGear folder somewhere, (in my case, on our studio network drive) and then adding this line to my Maya.env file.


If you did the installation by copying files into your Maya directory, then maybe you deleted something you needed?

What are you doing exactly when you get that error? And did you paste the entire error?


That end part of the error you posted where it says “152: 9” looks like a MEL error. So are you trying to run a piece of Python code, but accidentally put it in a MEL script? Or a MEL hotkey?


Thanks for assistance but I deleted the maya folder and it worked again.