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Orientation of Mouth Controllers?


An animator is asking that the Orientation/X axis of the mouth controllers better reflect the orientation of the geometry. I told him to fuck off. ; )

However, is there a way to change this after the rig is built? Is there a quick way to adjust this? Have to ask. Sorry.


Hi @Chris

Hahaha! no need to be rude with animators :slight_smile: poor guy :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, not sure if I will update that in the tool, since for the moment I don’t need it. But it is a good idea! and I am pretty sure more animators will like it.

For a workaround after build. I think is super simple . Just create another control with the desire orientation and parent this under the new control.
Obviously I didn’t tried myself, but I guess should work without problem :wink:

Maybe is good idea to rename the old control or even delete the shape and remove from the controllers_grp to avoid possible issues while manipulating it.

I hope this helps.



I’ll give it a try.

Thanks Miguel!