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Parenting controls (belly like) in mid spine components


Hi there! I have been using mGear for a little while, still learning and figuring out how to use it, although so far I’m very impressed by how easy, efficient and powerful is.
However, i have been stuck for some days trying to figure out how to parent some more controls under a spine. For example I have a character with a big belly that I would like to parent in between the lower hip and the chest. Is it possible? How can I do such a thing?
Thank you in advance and keep up with this awesome tool…Cheers!


Hi @Emilio_Serrano

The joint connection can be done from the UI.

But the rest of elements need to be connected with a post Custom step (a script) that reparent the 2 elements the way you want.


I see!! I’d expect once the join is parented using this UI clever way…the control rig would be automatically set too. 8-D
I’ll try the post steps for doing this and much more needed after the building pass.


@Miquel The video seems to go over how to index the joint structure, but not how to connect components inbetween the start and end of the spine?


I am using a custom step to re-parent the rest. Usually the transform or control that drives the joint. But, never to the joint itself.

I want to add better parenting in the future, but since is very easy to do with custom steps is low in my priority list :stuck_out_tongue:


What is recommended to reparent? The root of the component?

Is there a problem with parenting to the joint?


yes the usually the root of the component

is to keep clean/separated the joint structure and the behavior structure. But there is nothing stopping you to mix it if you wish :wink: