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Part-mGear, Part Traditional rig?


Hello everyone,

I’m new to all this, and I’m already in a mess!

mGear has all the great features I need in my rig (rounded limbs, stretch, FK/IK, etc. etc.), but I only want to use it for the limbs of my character (shoulder to wrist, hip to ankle). No body, head, hands or feet. I basically want to make arms and legs that are freely movable from their base joint, and that can be built onto so I can create my own hands and feet. The body I’ll be dealing with is a completely separate mesh, which won’t be rigged with joints.

With mGear, rigs don’t seem to be built in a simple hierarchy. Is there any way for me to achieve something like this? I just can’t figure out where to begin!

Any help would be an absolute life-saver - thanks so much!


Hi Lunathor,

Are you aware of the Pre and Post scripts that you can run when you build your guide?

Control_01 is a very simple module that just makes a single control plus an optional joint. So you could just add one Control_01 to be the parents of your arms, and one Control_01 to be the parents of your legs.

Then you could use a Post Python script to constrain or connect those to your own rig.

Maybe someone will have better ideas.


Yep, I do it all the time. with custom steps or/and importing pre-made rig assets . Flexibility is key :wink:

Other option is convert the prototype of your rig design to a Shifter component.