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Playmobil - Princess Academy - Trailer

Playmobil - Princess Academy Trailer

Princess Academy - Trailer

Finally I have something to show.

It’s a trailer for a short we at woodblock in Ludwigsburg (germany) are currently working on.

The body rigs and the rigs and the rigs of the animals were all done using mGear.

In the last years we did several shorts for playmobil using softimage and custom build rigs and a little bit of gear for some animals.

Princess Academy is the first playmobil short where we use Maya for the animation.

I want to thank Miquel and everyone who is involved in developing mGear for this great tool - it saved me so much time and made the switch from XSI to Maya quite easy.

Sometimes we also create short TV Spots for playmobil. This one was also done with the help of mGear.

Scooby Doo



Thanks @Georg for sharing your work here :smiley: I use to play with playmobil a lot when I was a kid :smiley: really cool !!!