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Porting custom components from v2.5.x to v.3.x.x


we want to update mgear from v2.5.x to v.3.x.
we have some custom components that should also be port over to v3.x.
but the python module hirarchy changed in v3.x.
is there a guide how to migrate components from v.2.5.x to v.3.xx

Hi @soulcage

I guess is only the imports that need to be update
for example.

from mgear.maya import attribute

now is
from mgear.core import attribute

other imports are directly
from mgear.maya.rigbits
now is
from mgear.rigbits

please let me know if that is enough. Maybe there is something else.
If it doesn’t work or if you need help I can check the source code if you want.


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thank you miquel, i will try to replace the imports…i let you know if it worked…

hi miquel, this is working, thanks again…

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great to know!!! :wink: