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Python 3 support

Are there any development efforts in that direction? Or is mGear independet from Python? Im not a TD.

To know how (in which context) to answer that, it might be helpful to know why you are asking this.

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Hello @oglu

I started doing a full API documentation rewrite last summer and at the same time was planning on making it Python3 ready but I do not know if it is something I will be able to finish this year.

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Im asking cause our studio is planning to jump on python 3 as soon as we get a Maya version supporting it.

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I sincerely wouldn’t recommend this on the first year Autodesk will be shipping Maya with Python3 support but this is only my technical advice. For what is worth mGear’s has a lot of code that needs to be cleanup and heavily tested with PyMel’s python3 update support as well so that won’t happen any time soon but it is on our minds among other things :smiley:


Thanks for the info Jerome.
Without mGear we wont do that.
We wait until mGear is ready.
And we dont have to move this year.