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Quad rig error?


Every time I go to build a quadruped from the guide rig I get this error.

Error: AttributeError: file C:\Users\cptchris\Documents\maya\mgear_2.4.2\scripts\mgear\maya\shifter\component\leg_3jnt_01_init_.py line 542: ‘Component’ object has no attribute ‘roundness_att’ #support

Anyone familiar with the problem. I tried updating to the most recent version of mGear.

Bit of a show stopper as I have to get this rig working.


Did you update the rig guide after updating mGear?


yes I did…I also tried getting a new guide and building from that…same error.


I tried in 2.6.1 and it worked fine. No errors…


I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling from scratch