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Question about epic guides

The epic guides where created with the intention of provided a seamless compatibility with unreal engine. The templates provided are indeed created with Z-up configuration. My question is if epic guides would work fine with Y-up or they need to be tweaked or reworked in some way in order to properly work.
Some of the characteristics included in these new guide are really applicable to any game engine and would be a pity that axis orientation limit their use to unreal axis configuration.
If someone in the forum have try this new guides and are willing to share his experience would be great.

yes, you can use Y-Up axis. The only need tweak needed will be the visual part of the controls.

Thank you Miquel! glad to know they are versatile.

Hello, Miquel.
I’m using mGear 3.7.11.

I’m verifying with Y-Up and I’m having the following problems

  • Twist joints such as “thigh_twist_01_l” flip.
  • The JointOrient of the twist joint has a wrong value.

Is there any way to fix this?

Hello @3dcgbook
Can you share your guide? I would like to check it.


The data is attached.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Thanks! I will check it ASAP

Hello @3dcgbook
My apologies for taking so, long to check this.
Looks like it is a bug when using Y up axis
I have logged it here: EPIC_Components: Leg Y-up world flip issue · Issue #10 · mgear-dev/mgear4 · GitHub

Thanks for the feedback!


@3dcgbook The issue should be fixed. If you have time please check the latest code in the repo.