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Question about Skinning menu


@Miquel Did you make any explainantion about (Skinning) menu or mention it in one of the videos? I’m not sure how much useful it is… I use ngSkinTools in general, is the skinning menu choices of mGear useful to be used beside ngSkinTools? or add certain function it or something ?


as i found out, skinning menue is very rudimentary…
copy skin works great, its a very fast way to transfer skin weights…
export/import skin weights to file is also very handy, but it seems to be skin cluster name dependent, so if your skin cluster name/mesh name changes it wont import…
ngskintools is name independant


@soulcage Ahaaa, I like about it that it’s fast -just made few trials for that, but I didn’t make further in-depth tests yet- . I recognize this Naming issue in general with mGear, it relies so much on the default naming or the names you use inside the process - if you make changes, things may not work or process you do may not complete-