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Questions about invert Mirror attributes


Sorry for keep asking questions about invert Mirror attributes.

I use chain01 as my rig’s “IK” fingers. But the IK ctl did not act in mirror behavior so

I modified “Invert Mirror …” attributes using “setInvertMirror” function but nothing happened.

Is the Invert Mirror attribute should be activated in building session ? How can I do that?

Much appreciated.



Hello @Arthur.C

There are two things to understand here :smiley:
You have a function that allows adding the attributes and there is a tool to handle the mirror for animation.
The thing is that depending on your rig, mGear don’t know what attribute you want to mirror.

Basically when you build your rig, use a post_costum_step script in which you do simple setAttr commands on the attributes you want to mirror.

Here is an example

nodes = ["hips_C0_ctl",

for node in nodes:
    cmds.setAttr("{}.invTz".format(node), True)
    cmds.setAttr("{}.invRx".format(node), True)
    cmds.setAttr("{}.invRy".format(node), True)

Hope this help.


Hello @Jerome

Thanks for your help.
I did use custom step before but no luck. I don’t think the inver mirror function work on chain01 component or there’s something wrong with my rig.

Here is the image that shows the result before and after using custom step or not. (using biped template for test)

The axis stay the same. I will just send the rig to animator for now.
Thanks for help again. Much appreciated.