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Questions about mGear defaults and observations

Hello, I usually rig in default Maya, Rapid Rig, or Advanced Skeleton.

I do a lot of HumanIK retarget setups to transfer mocap fbx onto custom rigs.

Today I installed and began playing with mGear in Maya. I remember gear in Softimage.

I was able to figure out without much documentation… just going through the menus… how to get to
a bi-ped rig.

I created the Y-up Shifter Guide using the template in the shifter menu setups.

I selected the top group node and did the “Build from Selection”

It created the rig and I was able to recognize similar components that I am used to in Rapid Rig.

There are a few things I am curious about.

  1. The Default rig created 3 bones per arm and leg section. I know this is for rotation in more advanced rigs. Is there a way to use this same Guide Template with only using one bone instead of three on each arm and leg section?

  2. I noticed that the default rigs are setup with A-Pose. Is there the same template setup with T-Pose?
    I know I could just re-arrange the A-Pose Guide and make another template in T-Pose, just wondering if this template already exists?

  3. Also noticed that the X co-ordinate for the transforms seems to be mirrored. Will this work correctly with retargeting animation in humanIK? Is there a way to turn this off so that positive and negative values are not mirrored in the transforms?

  4. I noticed that the default setup for both Biped Template Y-Up and Game Biped Template Y-up created stretchy rigs. I honestly think that stretchy rigs are not as common and would prefer not to have to go to the setup and turn off the stretchy amount to 1 vs 1.5 every time I create a rig.

Is there a way to set up these defaults so that there is no stretchy and no mirroring transforms… AND… use one bone/joint vs 3 on the default biped Y-up Rig?

Thanks, this looks to be quite versatile and I will try to put it through some testing.

Oh also, I noticed that it seems the left IK options for the arm have one more option than the right. There is a shoulder on one but not the other.


Ok, 2nd build had the left and right shoulder options.

I was able to get it to work in Human IK retarget animation quite well.
Baked it down to the rig controls at the end.

Off for more testing.

Hi welcome,

  1. Select one of the nodes of the component you want to edit, and mGear → Shifter → Settings. This opens the component settings, and yes you can adjust the number of bones.
  2. I don’t think so. You’re right, just edit it.

I don’t have any answers for 3 and 4.

Thanks for the responses, I was able to do what you suggested and create the one joint per bone setup I needed. Much appreciated.

The rig performed very well for Mocap retargeting and I particularly like the FK/IK blending, very useful.