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Rayla, The Dragon Prince

Hi! Another mGear free rig!!

It has been a very productive year considering the circumstances…
I do hope everybody having a great Christmas break and I will see you around with more mGear goodness next year.

Happy Christmas!!

Rayla, The Dragon Prince has been modeled and textured by:

Jose Maria Gonzalez Gutierrez

https:// twitter.com/IrregularHunter

Blender rig made also by Jose Maria Gonzalez Gutierrez, available here:


Hey @Milio, this is great! very good reference
Is it possible for you to share the guide template? I would love to have a look on what settings you choose and your component hierarchy? Thanks :grinning:

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Thank you!! Of course, I have included the guide in the gumroad product, download it again to have it.