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RBF decomposition failed

Every time I try to pose the driven object, it resets and I get an error in the command line “RBF decomposition failed”

Any solutions? Am I missing something?

Hello @Ross_Daniel

Are you using only rotation values to drive your poses on that case?


Yes, is that a problem? also which rotation value should I use? I think I used the join.bind channel. When I use the join.rotate, the geometry collapses to the origin(as seen in image below):

That really depends on your setup and what you are trying to drive.

Can you please provide a screenshot of the RBF manager UI from your setup so that I can understand better how things are connected?


Hi, I figured it out. it does work. just not on what I was attempting.

@Ross_Daniel Good news then :+1:

Hey, could you elaborate on the solution or was it just a misuse?

Also you can get that error if you have two or more poses that are the same or too similar.

Thanks man!

I think it’s a misuse. I can’t tell you the ins and out since I’m not a programmer. But form the image you can see that I tried using the FK spine as the driver and the IK spine as the driven and for whatever reason it will not allow. Wouldve been cool if it did though.

I think we need to revive this topic so we can narrow in on the limitation of the RBF manager. I seem to be getting this error in places where I would expect a predictable result.

As Jerome suggested, could you post a picture of the RBF manager UI, with your settings?

Will do a video when I get a chance.